Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs), also known as IMS PCBs, feature a metal core, typically aluminum or Copper, replacing traditional fiberglass or epoxy to enhance heat dissipation. This core, usually sandwiched between thermally conductive dielectric layers and copper traces, is ideal for high-power LEDs and power electronics that generate substantial heat. MCPCBs offer improved heat management, enhanced durability, and superior thermal stability, making them less susceptible to warping and cracking in harsh environments, compared to traditional PCBs.

Value-Added Services

From quickturn prototype PCB manufacturing to Assemblied PCB, we have got you covered.

Free DFM Check

PCB Layout optimization, EQ confirmation, to improve production yield and cost reduction.

Quickturn PCB Manufacturing

As quick as 24 Hours for Prototype PCB manufacturing, small series as fast as 5~7 days.

Prototype PCB Manufacturing

No MOQ limit, PCB Prototype as less as one single piece. Even one piece we care.

HMLV Orders

Focus on High-Mix-Low-Volume PCB Manufacturing for more than 10 years.

Components Sourcing

Hard-to-find components sourcing; NRND components substitue; global network.

Quick turn PCB Assembly

24 Hours PCB Assembly upon all components secured. Medium batch as fast as 3~5 days.

Prototype PCB Assembly

Focus on High-Mix-Low-Volume PCB Manufacturing for more than 10 years.

Turnkey PCB Assembly

From PCB Manufacturing, Parts Procurement to PCB Assembly, we have got you covered.

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