Light Emitting Diode(LED), is a type of semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current flows through it. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs that generate light by heating a filament until it glows, LEDs produce light through a process called electroluminescence, which is more efficient and results in less heat generation.

An LED consists of a chip of semiconductor material that is treated to create a p-n junction, where “p-type” and “n-type” materials meet. The p-type material contains positive charge carriers (holes), and the n-type material contains negative charge carriers (electrons). When voltage is applied across this junction, electrons move from the n-type side to the p-type side, where they recombine with holes, releasing energy in the form of photons—the light we see.

Characteristics of LEDs

Applications of LEDs

LED technology has a wide range of applications across many fields.

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